The Internet of Things has changed the way people live, connecting them to their homes in new ways that give convenience and access like never before as well as security. It has also taken over business environments. The workspace has a crucial role in ensuring employees’ satisfaction, productivity, engagement, and loyalty. It is now being enhanced by smart tools and solutions to ensure no time is wasted and everything is kept organized. IoT and smart workspace solutions not only enhance these through smart scheduling, transparency, and optimizing each area but also measure the behavior of workers within these spaces for decision making and further enhancement to ensure satisfaction and productivity.

The Role of Smart Tools

Smart tools are still an investment that should be fully considered by executives or employers. Allocating the budget for these improvements must be justifiable with the expected benefits. The convergence of the physical space and technological solutions increases space efficiency and employee productivity. That’s describing the benefits in a nutshell. Integrating smart solutions in a workspace is more than putting the lights out or turning down the a/c on certain spaces. Here are the 3 takeaways of smart tools in maximizing space and increasing productivity:

  • Basically, by connecting smart solutions to workspace, the use of certain areas such as collaboration areas, meeting rooms and desk spaces can be fully utilized. Smart tools such as Digital Signage and sensors will help organizations to plan their resources carefully. Data collected by sensors will give the facility manager a bigger picture about the space utilization that will help them to plan strategic organization wide changes. Apart from sensors, Digital signage/display is becoming need of the hour. This tool allows users to book meetings instantly Employees end up saving a lot of time by using tablet and mobile apps booking features.
  • Employees are integral part of an enterprise’s success and growth. By supporting them through smart tools that help them in using their office time, cutting down unproductive hours and frustration from inefficient use of workspace and facilities as well as by improving on existing environment, workers become more productive and satisfied with their work and the company.
  • Studies prove that 77% of Millennials verbally express that flexibility and enabling to use technology, increases productivity in the workspace and also crucial to employee experience. The right tools that promote connectivity, collaboration and transparency in the physical and virtual space support the current demand of the new breed of employees. Meeting rooms are no longer limited to physical space but exists at virtual level for easy communication and connection of team members and upper management.
Workplace Analytics Dashboard

Smart tools and solutions help bring in more satisfied employees and better utilization of workspaces. It eliminates unproductive hours caused by waiting and delay in schedules for achieving results in inter-department collaborative projects.

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