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Companies are transitioning to the hybrid workplace model by combining remote work with office work to adapt to changing conditions continually. As business leaders give their employees the flexibility to get the job done, they are also looking to ensure that employees stay connected or interested in going back to the office. This includes introducing new technology to help employees navigate the workplace and boost productivity, like digital Wayfinding.

Wayfinding signage helps employees and visitors get from one point to another without getting lost, confused, or causing work disruption. With its real-time feature, people can easily view the workplace floor plan to get around quickly and efficiently. It consists of two parts: the digital display and the software that powers it. Aside from the interactive maps, the best wayfinding signage also integrates with reservation software so that employees can book a meeting room or a desk from screen displays.


How does Wayfinding make a difference?

  1. Creates a tremendous first impression with visitors and employees

    Going into a lobby with no front desk receptionist leaves visitors waiting for an employee to walk by. It leaves visitors uncertain of what to do and creates confusion. Wayfinding helps create a better visitor experience the moment they walk in. With digital Wayfinding, visitors would know where to go or how to find the person they came to see. 

2. Improves Team collaboration and employee productivity

In a hybrid workplace where employees are given the flexibility to work at home or in the office, as on some days, teams may find it hard to collaborate. Digital Wayfinding is an excellent way for employees to find out who is in the office and where they are sitting. Knowing where team members make it easier to avoid wasting time sending them a message and waiting for their response or walking around the workplace to find them.

 3. Supports room and desk booking

Like ProSpace’s wayfinding solution, employees and other staff can easily find a colleague, rooms, and desks. Wayfinding is another way for employees to view their assigned seats or find an unoccupied meeting room your team needs. The whole process of employees wandering around the office can easily be eliminated with digital Wayfinding.

4. Empowers your agile workforce

A company that expands its talent pool will sometimes hire contract workers or freelancers. Like any employee, they’ll need to find people fast or reserve their space and resource in a workplace that is may be unfamiliar to them. Wayfinding gives full-time employees and freelancers the confidence to walk into an area without looking lost and confused. They’ll be able to navigate the workplace and don’t have to stop and ask for directions.

5. It makes everyone’s health and safety a priority

Digital Wayfinding doesn’t just help people navigate a workplace for the sake of work.  It also informs employees, visitors, and other staff, where the restrooms, elevators, and exits are located so that people can easily find them when needed. In terms of health, Wayfinding can also remind employees of the room capacity when booking rooms to ensure that proper protocols during the pandemic are being followed.

6. Inform employees of any upcoming events and announcements

Digital Wayfinding isn’t just for helping people navigate through a workplace. It is also a good way for work leaders to communicate upcoming events, announcements, and even news around the globe.

In changing conditions worldwide and in the workplace, work leaders must keep their people well informed. With the help of digital Wayfinding, even if they change the floor plan of their workplace or some desk areas and rooms have become off-limits, employees will have a resource to find which amenities are available. More importantly, Wayfinding keeps the people connected to the workplace. It creates a positive experience that employees and visitors will likely want to keep coming back to the office.

Is your return to work strategy ready? Include digital Wayfinding in your plan to entice employees to come back to the office. If you want to learn more about ProSpace’s digital wayfinding solution, connect with us, and we’ll show you a demo of how it works. Contact us now, and one of our workplace experts will get back to you soon.