It’s been almost two years since the pandemic started. As vaccines promise to end the pandemic, more businesses have begun to open and resume work. However, what surprised business leaders is that the employees’ attitude about work has changed. 

No matter how having a home office looks ideal to many, there are still several employees looking forward to working in an office, at least for part of the time. In addition, while many employees want to stay working remotely, they still want to see their work friends and have a balanced mix of work and personal life. This has led many enterprises to consider implementing a hybrid work model.

Due to Covid-19, employees’ priorities and expectations have shifted as well. They are now placing more excellent value on benefits, rewards, and conditions when working. According to a six degrees executive poll on LinkedIn, 92% of 435 participants said they would change jobs to gain more flexibility at work or accept a lower-paying job if their work didn’t offer a hybrid work arrangement once the pandemic ends.

This condition is fueled by the employees’ concerns for their health and safety. They are worried that returning to work with a standard setup might expose them to more risks than a hybrid workplace. Additionally, more than half said they would feel safer if their employers required all employees to be vaccinated first before allowing them to return to the office. 

Surveys and polls have shown many employers that employees are now emphasizing working for someone who shows they care about everyone’s wellbeing. Aside from transitioning to a flexible work schedule, employees also said that many would respond better with initiatives such as mental health days, working options, employee assistance programs, leadership training, and even methods of transportation for employees reliant on public transport.

Since there’s no telling when the pandemic will ultimately end, employees are voicing their expectations toward their employers and workplace. As a result, they are more willing to talk to their employers about their condition to remove the disconnection and have more transparent communication.

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