Technological advancement in the workplace has been crucial in increasing employee productivity and engagement. Collaboration in an organization does not only mean tearing down departmentalization, but it also means being able to work in sync with others freely without division at a workspace, and organizing everything to accommodate the different aspects of work. This includes the usage of the space at an optimal level including desks and meeting rooms, facilities in the area and making sure all necessities in the meetings such as audio/visual aids, as well as enough space and chairs in the room are in good condition. These can be managed through smart solutions to maximize the office space as well as keeping employees engaged, productive and happy.

There is a direct correlation between employee productivity and engagement and their workspace. The merit that can be acquired by an efficiently managed workspace will strengthen the employees’ trust and loyalty to the company, and it will give them more time and room to innovate, be engaged, and be productive. The workplace environment includes size, furniture, light, noise level, and temperature. It also includes the workspace availability – desks, collaborative space, and meeting rooms. Solutions are now available to ensure facilities are employed and deployed to help the business achieve sustainable growth through their workers.

Here’s what workspace solutions provide:

  • Cloud based Meeting Room Scheduling – This platform provides better control of the available facilities for particular usage of the teams and workers, whether it is for workshops, meetings, or any other events. Aside from being accessible by teams, it can also be merged across other platforms such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. They simplify scheduling of events and usage of different office space areas.
  • Appreciate and know the use of these facilities as well as users’ behavior. Executives and employers can access real-time room booking data and analyze behavior including peak hour usage, period of time of each meeting, number of attendees and other parameters that are useful in tracking the support value of these facilities.
  • Easy user management – It is easy to change, add or remove users from the platform while giving detailed information on permissions given to users. Administration of the solution can also be made easy, changing the different authorized users and control over the solutions as well as the facilities can be easily supervised by facilities managers.
ProSpace Room Display

Here are the major takeaways from using workspace solutions:

  • Keeping meeting rooms, desks, and collaborative spaces usage organized, saves employees time and effort. Knowing how and when to use these spaces helps in structuring teams and keeping them productive. They will be satisfied at work with less frustration on available facilities through organizing and maximizing office time to achieve results.
  • Collaboration starts when people have the time to meet and participate in team meetings and workshops. Workspace solutions ensures employees to meet on time. No wasted time looking for spaces to work together and seamlessly integrating with existing platforms for easy access and use.
  • Since space usage and user behavior can be measured, management can formulate guidelines and make decisions on the use of facilities, employees’ behaviors in the team as well as in meetings, and how these behaviors relate to their productivity and engagement.

Do you want your employees to focus on their work and spend less time locating available meeting rooms? Connect with us and let us paint you a picture where our Space Scheduling solution will reduce your organizational costs and improve employee productivity.