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Features of a Visitor Management System

Today, touchless technology is a requirement for business owners. Companies must put employee safety first and provide the best tools to protect their workforces. In this spirit, companies must consider adopting a visitor management system that offers touchless check-in and pre-registration. Beyond keeping employees safe and reducing the spread of germs, these systems also free up your admin staff to focus on higher-value tasks than chasing down late visitors or trying to corral contractors who’ve missed their appointments.


Visitor management systems are often used in businesses or organizations where a large number of people are coming in and out, such as retail stores, hotels, schools etc. These systems help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas by allowing only authorized individuals access through biometric identification such as fingerprints or facial recognition technology. They can also be used for tracking employee attendance so that you know who was at work when an emergency happened or if someone failed to show up for work on time.


Visitor management for businesses is evolving.

A decade ago, the only way to manage visitors was with a badge system or by physically keeping track of them. However, visitor management has become more advanced and affordable, making it easier for businesses to start with a visitor management system.


Visitor management is also becoming more accessible to all organizations—from large corporations to small businesses and non-profits alike. Additionally, visitor management is becoming more secure as new technologies emerge that ensure only authorized staff can view visitor information at any time. Finally, it has evolved into efficient tools that can help you streamline your operations while saving time and money!


Touchless visitor management software is the future.

With a focus on security, safety, and efficiency, touchless visitor management software is the future of the enterprise. It’sIt’s easy to see why: This technology allows for real-time monitoring of your employees and visitors—anyone who enters your space. It will enable you to know exactly who is in your building at any given time, helping you make better decisions about staffing levels and resource allocation.


Visitor management solutions reduce risk and increase security.

Visitor management solutions are designed to help reduce risk and increase security. They can help reduce the risk of theft and fraud, workplace violence, terrorist attacks and even environmental damage.

Visitor management systems provide companies with tools to stay compliant with government regulations — especially regarding physical security policies — and guidelines for handling visitors efficiently that minimize unnecessary wait times for employees.


Visitor management systems also can detect suspicious visitors so that you may be able to prevent intruders from entering your facility by using biometrics or facial recognition technologies (depending on your system). In addition, these features allow you more time for other important tasks such as emergency preparedness planning because you won’t have wasted time checking IDs or waiting for someone who’s not supposed to be there before letting them out again!


Today’s visitor management solutions should include pre-registration.

Pre-registration is one of the most important features of your visitor management solution. Pre-registration allows visitors to complete their registration online, which can be done before arriving at your facility or even as soon as they’ve booked their travel plans. This provides an efficient check-in process for visitors and staff members alike and ensures that any questions about where to go, who to talk with and what forms need filling out are answered ahead of time.


Using touchless check-in in a smart office building helps employees feel safe.

Touchless check-in is a feature that can be used to make employees feel more secure and comfortable. When your employees are happy, they will be more engaged in their work and more productive at the office. This means you’ll get more done in less time, which means more money for your business.


Additionally, touchless check-in devices help keep the building clean by reducing the amount of paper waste generated using paper badges or key cards. They also help prevent theft by tracking who enters and leaves the facility at all times (including unauthorized visitors).


Employee safety is a top priority in the hybrid workplace.

When workers feel safe and secure, they are more likely to be productive. The hybrid workplace is no exception. Therefore, you must understand the features of a visitor management solution that can help ensure employee safety.


Employee safety is a top priority in the hybrid workplace. Employees are more likely to report suspicious activity if they feel safer knowing who is on the premises, making it crucial for managers to know who has entered and exited their building. This information can help them create an effective security plan for their location or company.


Streamline your business

An ideal visitor management system streamlines your business to make it more efficient. Having a streamlined business means focusing on what matters most in your company—your customers—and not worrying about the many details that can trip up an otherwise successful business. The following are some features that could be included in an ideal visitor management system:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Scalability
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Security features like biometric authentication and encryption, or at least 2FA (two-factor authentication) capability with passwords and PINs enabled


More than just a sign-in.

You can use visitor management systems not just to keep track of who’s visiting your office but also to manage your employees, contractors, and vendors. These solutions help you log the time employees spend in their workspaces—and even monitor their location so you know if they’re working from home or travelling for business. That way, you can see how much time each person spends working on projects and ensure that everyone is productive.



Here at ProSpace, we’re happy to provide you with the best visitor management solution. Our smart, secure, and scalable system meets these needs and more. We care about your business, your employees’ well-being and efficiency—and about taking a step towards a healthier future for our planet. That’s why we create software that makes things better for everyone around it. And remember: To make things even easier for you, we offer our service entirely remotely! So contact us today to get started on modernizing your workplace.

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