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Visitor management solutions can help you track the people who come and go from your premises. While it has tons of features that can make your task a lot easier, it still has advantages that you may not have thought of yet. Besides the fact that VMS is easy to implement, user-friendly, and helps you see a return on your investment in the first three months, it also has its hidden advantages that’ll provide solutions to some challenges that a modern workplace may face.

Here are five clear advantages of using a visitor management system in your workplace:

  1. Gets your reception ready for GDPR audits

A visitor management system, by default, is what an auditor will see when it comes to regulatory compliance audits. However, GDPR has been in full force since 2018, and a VMS is a great way to ensure that your reception is compliant.

With a feature that allows visitors to go through the privacy policy contract on your VMS, your organization immediately complies with the most critical aspect of GDPR: not collecting visitors’ data without their consent.

If you’d like to wrap your head around the regulations, read the current and official version of GDPR so that you can prepare for your next audit. 

  1. Clear visibility on visitors

If you want to stay on top of who’s going in and out of your workplace, a visitor management system can keep you 2-3 steps ahead of them. It helps you get better visibility of who is in the building and their purpose for visiting. 

Most VMS includes a feature that captures a photo which allows you to identify the guest quickly and track them while on the premises. You can also have the option to get the guests to pre-register before their scheduled visit, giving you time to prepare better with their given information. 

  1. Prepare for unwanted circumstances

One of the most important benefits of a visitor management system is enhanced safety. Being aware of any activities going on within your premises is essential for any organization. With VMS’ ability to identify visitors, you can prepare for any unwanted situations in the office that might affect employees or disrupt everyone’s work.

The beauty of a visitor management system is that you won’t have to go through stacks of papers to review the list of visitors and staff in the workplace. With VMS, you can get instant access to a complete list of people present on the premises on a particular day and time. 

  1. Creates a positive first impression

One of the advantages of a visitor management system is enhancing your organization’s brand image. You can create a positive and lasting impression on guests by modernizing your way of receiving guests.

It isn’t always about attracting visitors, but features such as contactless sign-in and visitor badges help visitors in the workplace feel secure, allowing your organization to earn their trust. 

  1. Eliminate the costs associated with traditional visitor management

Implementing a visitor management system in the workplace can eliminate the need to purchase visitor books, pens, and badges associated with the traditional way of how enterprises managed visitors a couple of years ago. Furthermore, it also helps enhance the productivity and efficiency of workforces and allows them to address other vital tasks daily. 

There are a lot of features that you should consider when it comes to selecting a visitor management system. Watch ProSpce’s video to see the VMS in action. It highlights the advantages and benefits of a visitor management system that you may not have been aware of. Furthermore, give you a clear picture of how a VMS can help you achieve a great return on investment and reduce running costs by just a couple of months.

Connect with us to know more about ProSpace’s visitor management system. We’ll help you discover the diverse range of features that our VMS can offer.